Friday, November 13, 2015

How I ended up in Osaka, Japan

Our neighbors are also our landlord.  They are very kind people who really want to see the American family succeed here in Japan.  She is always coming over with some advice or suggestion on how to do this or that. 

A few weeks ago she came over to tell us about a trip her and her husband would be taking.  I was the only one home and my Japanese is getting better but I am still not ready for major conversations.  I listened and smiled as she talked about her trip.  At one point the conversation had stopped.  I had missed a question.  She was waiting on an answer.  I smiled and said "Yes!" in Japanese.  I figured it was best to be polite and positive.  Well, my friends, I had just agreed to go on vacation with our neighbors.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Osaka. 

Group Photo with Mr. and Mrs. Ogura

Sunrise at the beach

Exploring the cliffs

Osembe Factory (Japanese crackers)

Fisher man showing us how to cut a tuna for sushi.

When he was done we had FRESH sushi!  Yum!

Pickled plum factory - they are packaging them by hand.

Plums going in the vat to be pickled.


After lunch we went to a near by temple

Washing her hands


Another group photo. 
We walked up all those steps to the temple.

A market worker and her baby!!

Orange picking

Learning how they make soy sauce at the "birth place of soy sauce"

Soy Sauce mascot

Eli and Rachal


The boys in front of a castel

Cute little shopping area made to look like Europe

Eli eating sushi

After a long day we were on our way back home!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back in Japan and oh so busy!!

We have been back in Japan for almost three months now.  We have also had a full schedule for almost three months now!!  I will give you a little update on what's been going on with us. 

May 19, 2015 - Mike left Dallas and headed back to Japan.  We had rented a house over the internet.  He was coming before the kids and I so he could get things set up and ready at the house for our arrival.  We said our "good-byes" early in the morning.  I cried most of the day.  Mike did a great job of getting our things moved from storage into the house with the help of some friends.  He also went to IKEA in Fukuoka and bought beds, couches, desks and other furniture for our house!  What a blessing to have a man who would go shopping for me!!  The house was almost completely set up when we arrived.  Now, ladies, that is how you move!!

Fast forward to June 9, 2015 - Me, the kids and Cora (Mike's mom) leave Dallas bright and early for Japan!! 

Eli - watching a movie

Cora - enjoying dinner


Rachal and I just passing the time!!

Up, up and away . . . .
Cora stayed with us for a month.  She was a huge help to us while here.  She helped me unpack boxes, get the kitchen set up.  She even hemmed all my curtains for me.  I felt bad because we spent most of the few weeks here working around the house.  But we did find time for a some fun too!!


Eli - he is a cool dude!

Jonah - No, I am kidding!! 
Wild Monkey's on Monkey Mountain

Baby monkey


At a petting zoo.  All the kids (Mike too)
feeding the rabbits.

Road trip to Beppu, Japan!

We had a car full.


Walking down to the ocean.

Holding babies at church.

Planting flowers for our flower beds.

Playing kick ball at the park.

Kokura Castel

Walking to 7/11

Feeling the steam from a hot spring in Beppu. 

So many beautiful flowers!!

Jigoku (hot spring)

Soaking our feet in the hot spring.

What is Japan without a train ride??

After Cora left and we said our goodbyes.  We had about two weeks to prepare for my parents and my niece to come visit. 

First place we took them was this pond, up in the mountains
near our house.  So beautiful.

They were all shocked at the price of American food.
About $4.50 for a can of spam.

Lunch at the mall.

We have the perfect stairs for racing slinkys.

Vending machines are everywhere!

Wednesday night Bible study

Kokura Castel

Mike and my Dad

Rachal and Meagan made a friend!

Having fun in Moji

Soaking our feet again in Beppu

We met a family from Austin, TX while in Beppu!!

Fisher man who spoke a little English.

Waiting for the train

Shaved ice with ice cream on top.

Japanese facials

Mamaw, Meagan and Jonah
After my family left it was time to get ready for school to start and for summer camp.  But that's a story for another post.  Thanks for keeping up with our family in Japan.